Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesterday, we started questioning this decision of ours to swap quantity for quality. That wise and respectable choice was made before we re-realized that we're in Stockholm and still absolutely clueless as to how people become boyfriends and girlfriends in this town. It is, of course, nicer to eat at Nobu everyday instead of McDonald's. But McDonald's must surely be better than no food at all.

Our skylift-riding friend then said; "Yes, but you don't feel so good after eating at Mickey D. What I really want is someone to sleep with, but who doesn't want to hang out all the time." We agree, but it also depends on how hungry and bored you are. And we like hanging out a lot.

Another fast food-reference comes from last weekend when our doctor pal said that walking home from a night out ain't too bad with a cheeseburger in each hand and one in the pocket of his coat. Our respons to that was; when walking home, we would rather have one man by the hand than two cheeseburgers in our pocket.