Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mixing business with babes is a new concept of ours in which we strive to combine careering and pleasure, without neccessarily becoming prostitutes. This morning we went to a breakfast gathering with business maven Michael Treschow. He was so calm and handsome that we fell a little bit in love with him, certainly a good rating for a seminar on how to create a problem-solving and open atmosphere in the boardroom.

As usual when we listen to entrepreneurs, we hear a lot of things that relate to romance; "Never try to be tactical. Be open-minded and show who you are", "Always go for the best you can find, in any situation", "Don't shy away", "Hire [date] people who are smarter than you. It is fun to be challenged", and our all-time favourite; "One plus one always need to be substantially more than two."