Sunday, July 10, 2011

Because you look like a complete air head and sometimes it's refreshing to just look into a pair of doozy eyes and admire sun-kissed curls, instead of redefining sovereignty, governing a melting Arctic or moving towards a reappraisal of economic thinking.
Because we would like to go camping and fill the summer with sporty activities such as skinny dipping, tennis and mini-golf. And because bearded beauties like you should not be allowed not to smile at all of life's wonder.
Because now we know never again to ask DJs to play "something you can dance to", but we can't help the fact that blue-eyed sweethearts like you makes us fall in love faster than a three minute song, even if the soundtrack is too slow to shake our bodies to.
Because having friends who are called Greek gods by secret admirers, and who attorneys think look French, makes us very proud. And because you are the tallest, kindest, most intellectual and beautiful youngster we know.
Because we love the causual unbottoned shirt, the books and the beard.
Because we love waking up and find several missed calls from old male acquaintances. It makes us rather suprised though if it is 5 calls and 3 messages from a man whom we met last fall and when last we were in touch around Christmas, he said that he had made a resolution not to drink during all of 2011 and wished me the best of times. The first message was quite plain "We're having an after party, you should come. Come!" The second one said "Fuck Ernst & Young. You can do so much better than that" (We do not work at Ernst & Young.) And the last one: "I know you like to talk politics. I know you like politics. I do not like politics. But maybe we can meet halfway? Ok? Call me."

The optimist is convinced that this guy has not been drinking for half a year and once the alcohol starts kicking in, he builds up the courage to call the girl he has been thinking about for the past six months. The realist in us is quite certain that he is mixing us up with someone else, who works at Ernst & Young, or likes to talk extensively about politics.

So, naturally, we call him up to hear what this is all about, and yes, of course he wanted to talk to us. Slightly ashamed of not keeping his promise of sobriety, he was quite sweet and we ended saying that we would be in touch later on.

Later that week, I texted to know what he was up to, without getting a reply.

Then we wake up at out country house yesterday morning, with six new missed calls from the same dude, all dialed between 06:22 and 06:35 am. This time there is only one voice mail "Hi Emma (that's not our name). I'm willing to go home to you now. Call me."

Not romance in it's most rose scented or star gazing way. To be fair, the timing could have been better since he caught us at point in time when we are slightly tired of this sort of thing, but come on. Then around lunch he gives us a call to apologize, said that it's the hard liquor that drives you mad and am I married? Because he sense that I am a kind, relaxed and a very unusual girl that he would like to know better. Well, we'll see.