Thursday, June 9, 2011

Because our boss describes the global financial system as a Shakespearian drama, where the focus on short term instability creates a conflict, which then hints at a solution (Romeo meets Juliet) in a return to its original function of allocating resources over time (insurance) and to those in need (the poor).

And because beardos who are into current affairs makes or hearts and minds high five each other.
We bumped into one of our long-time favorites this past weekend and he looked sharp in a fake Versace blazer and striped shirt. He was so handsome and nice that we decided on the novel approach of asking him out for a beer or a lunch at Grands veranda. Our treat. As working girls you ought to spend your money wisely on romantic meals and booze.

Although he is the most amusing and provoking person we know, he rarely surprises us. Needless to say, the invitation did not get a reply and we had to inform him how utterly rude that is and ask the open ended question - How will anything ever happen in the history of the world if antagonist never meet?
Because what we really want is one of the world's best people, whose physical appearence might not entirely correspond to that of Marlon Brando, but more importantly, get reviews like; "Nils! You're awesome... never seen a party animal like you before, my eyes were awakened! Thanks for sharing your free spirit!".