Monday, June 21, 2010

Because a passion for sports, dark eyes and handsomeness is unbeatable. And the World Cup in soccer is always an indicator of a fantastic summer; the weather is exceptional, daytime drinking is encouraged and the world unites in a celebration of strength, endurance and creative play. Concerning our June - August, we're aiming to redefine the term Boys of Summer.
Envy is not something we experience very often, knowing that you can only compete with yourself and not with others. But we do get slightly jealous when friends of ours get invites like this;

ive been in greece

im back now and look like a total BABE/ADONIS/SUN GOD/GOLDEN DELICIOUS/SEXYSEXY


Strangely enough, yesterday we heard Prince's Kiss like it was the first time. There is a part of the lyrics we hadn't made out before; "ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with" and suddenly we realized that this has been our theme song all along. Men not boys rule my world, I said they rule my world.
We heard on a radio show that the really gorgeous French youngster-models are impossible to book. Since their magnificent looks come from wealthy aristocrats mating with beautiful ladies, the boys are always away at boardning school and can't leave for something trivial as fashion shoots.

We met another young man at a party last weekend. He said that girls do not know what sex is about and act like porn stars until they're 28, in comparison to boys who figure it out at the age of 14. We got his number, but he blushed when we kissed goodbye and never replied to our after party invitation.
Although we see a lot of potential in the juniors, they still have some growing up to do.
Fredrik! Vad gör du ikväll? När får jag dra mina fingrar genom ditt vackra hår igen? xoxo

Hello! Har en del att fixa m på jobbet sen klädvård, golvvård, själavård, nagelvård, skäggvård, kristallvård, skovård och avslutningsvis fotboll! Kram

Haha. Jag ser inte vård av kvinnlig vän någonstans i den listan. Tråkigt att du tappat intresset. Jag vill ju ligga med dig mest hela tiden.

Nej så är det inte men jag måste få lite ordning på allt nu. Ladda om du vet!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tip #1. Current goals aren't the only goals. They're beginnings.

Tip #2. Move from naive passion to informed passion. Learn to start again and again.

Tip #3. Resistance is a natural part of creative action. Know what to do.

Tip #4. Focus imagination. Work on one idea directly in front of you today.

And remember, fear is what's stopping you from doing your best. Failure is extremely likely and uncertainty is always present in any new action, so it is better to make friends with those two from the start.
Although that beard would be classified as a goatee if slightly more groomed, we're still into the whole sun kissed, rugged prairie look that is rather hard to find on lunch breaks.
Well, lucky us to stumble into a guy we had a serious crush on approx. 8 years ago. He still looks fabulous, like Paul Newman, he took our number, and we obviously seized the opportunity to include him in our side project called "Boys in general, Swedes in particular". A thing-y where we interview hot singles on their thoughs on love as a cover up to spend some quality time together. It is working out very well.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Vietnamese proverb that recently came across our path goes "A day lived, a sea of knowledge earned." And today we were discussing the pros and cons of being able to hook up with people without getting attached. We're saying that it is quite similar to tennis. We enjoy the game so much, that it doesn't really matter who we are playing with.

Monday, June 7, 2010

We are currently in an ungrateful state of being where we're assuming that younger boys or older men would be a much better match than the 25-30 crowd of insecure dudes that have no direction in life whatsoever.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The future may not be written in in stone, but rather it will unfold just the way it is going to.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

While we are busy reworking the world, or trying to understand the importance of energy, the complexity of systems and the power of our inventiveness, we would appreciate reports containing exclamation marks!!! and CAPITAL LETTERS of joy and love from our city dwelling friends.

And since we are celebrating great photographers, Malarky is particularly gifted in the area of capturing babes.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We really like the saying that; "A tree does not grow by how much you pull it's branches, but rather how much water and nourishment you provide for it's roots."
We also like awesome girls who take pretty pictures, such as Jos & Hedvig.
Although we know that the only happiness money can buy is plane tickets to New York City and at previously mentioned destination is where we find our favourite dudes, recently, at another location, we've met a guy who is just completely wrong for us.

He does not have a beard, you could call him a brat, he likes trance, everything with an engine, especially boats, has never lived abroad and has no interest in doing so, works in finance, doesn't even recycle beer cans, talks constantly, describe every person he knows as "such a wonderful person" (which gets annoying after a while), thinks he knows how everything works and has set aside Monday and/or Tuesday night for "caring". As in caring for his shoes, his hair, his home, etc. Everything besides ironing shirts. That's done every morning.

But we appreciate the straight forward approach, receiving text messages that start with "Hey babe" and, most importantly, we get to make out all the time.