Saturday, January 8, 2011

Because we're speechless.

And even though it's great to be born in the early eighties, it would have been awesome to be a bit older at the time and hang out with men like these. Men with strong arms, tanned legs, wind in hair, hearts and minds, made of the same material as dreams.
Baby, sailboat and evening sun included.
Because surfer boys are like sea shells; pretty, salty and sprinkled across the shores. But instead of holding them to our ears we hear waves crashing simply by looking into their eyes.
Last New Year, our resolution was to learn how to seduce men. That is clearly an art that takes something more like a lifetime than 300+ days to master, but with a Key Performance Index of number of new male acquaintances, we can look back at 2010 with a slight blush, a big smile and report back to our shareholders of a highly successful year for easy lovers.

That said, for the new year two of our themes are Simplicity and Quality. The first one does not mean the easy way, but rather the straighforward, självklara, natural way. Things are complex, not complicated. And one of the best ways to succeed is to KISS; Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Concerning Quality, it's what we should always strive for; in the work we do, how we live our lives, how we choose to spend these blessed days. Above all, it's about quality over quantity when it comes to men. Quality meaning romance, boyfriends and deep, burning desire. It's a realization that it is rather nice to long for things, to move away from instant satisfaction and enjoy the wait for something brilliant. And taking even greater pleasure in it when it finally appears.
Warm hearted girls are back! And so are good times, although good times are always in our minds. Let's just say like Karen von Blixen and her husband in Out of Africa;
He - That was some kiss Good-bye.
She - I'm even better at Hello.