Monday, August 31, 2009

We might actually want to do more than just make out with you today, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Carl von Arbin, or Carl Guitar, is the finest member of the very good looking band Shout Out Louds. This young man is biking around Stockholm with kindness in his heart and irresistible floppy hair.
I'm in a golden age
A great calender page
And I spotted the right time
The future is mine

Bye, bye car keys
Hello sparkles and flies
I keep them, they're mine

I saw the brightest light
The most wonderful sight

Lyrics of Go Sadness from their debut album Howl Howl Gaff Gaff.

What is hotter than a dancing, bearded, music loving Brooklyn DJ? The correct answer would be his twin brother. Finger on the pulse is a handsome pair of Bresnitz brothers who really got our hearts to beat faster at the Jelly Pool Parties this summer. Plus, an honorary mention Greg's seductive Backstreet Boys moves.

Happy Birthday, Piers Fawkes! The term "doer" is defined by this brilliant mind, hyper active and fiercely intelligent man. Another one in the category of family father and with an awesome wife, plus a constantly innovative enterprise and a smile like a fat cat, leaving the British accent only as a cherry on top. You inspire us to make things better, Sir Fawkes.

New favorite all-round man on the blog: Jason Logan!

One of us stumble across his delightful New York Times piece on the summers smells of Manhattan with quotes like "Fancy wedding on deserted street: orange roses; unfriendly member of the wedding party would not tell me which variety". Or describing the fragrance itinerary of East Harlem as following;
Buffalo-chicken nuggets; cigarettes; exhaust; cherry lip gloss; rotting tangerine; strong floor polish; dry grass; almond perfume; grapefruit rind; gas; diapers (unused); pink roses and Russian sage (very faint); white-Cheddar popcorn (very strong); touch of urine; black locust blossoms; leafy bark; aftershave; fresh laundry, blossoms and grassy perfume; wet cigar; rancid apricot; Polish, Italian and German sausages cooking in water, deep-fried Oreos.
Our curiosity barometer almost exploded when we with our Mossad like skills for hunting down make out-able men found out his most recent publication is called If We Ever Break Up, This is My Book. BEST TITLE EVER. And of course he is handsome!

This writer and illustrator seems to be a connoisseur of heartbreaks, fine aromas and a most talented user of pens.

Images below are from the book the publisher calls "Because although it may feel like the end, breaking up is only the beginning." Jason, we would never break up with you.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dude, you are so cute that we fall in love with you just by looking into those innocent eyes. The fact that this little fellow is called Mickey Mouse, or Musse, just add to the fact that we want him as our boy toy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

There is something called beer goggles, and then there is something called beard goggles. Combine the too and we wanna make out with pretty much the whole place. But with Sebastien Tellier, all we need is a glass of wine, a conversation in French and those piano fingers. La ritournelle blows our mind every time.
Don't let the posing fool you! This guy is probably the sweetest dude out there. Not to mention him being a dad and having the coolest baby mama ever.
As the autumn winds sweep across town and as we watch the starry nights of August, it is time for some poetry here on the blog. John Keats, 1795 -1821, put things rather nicely in his poem "When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be".

When I behold, upon the night's starred face,
Huge cloudy symbols of a high romance,
And think that I may never live to trace
Their shadows, with the magic hand of chance.

And when I feel, fair creature of an hour!
That I shall never look upon thee more,
Never have relish in the feary power
of reflecting love; -then on the shore
Of the wide world I stand alone, and think
Till Love and Fame to nothingness do sink.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arthur de Borman, you are our hero.

We all know that brothers Luke and Owen are hot, but the best kept secret is the oldest of the Texan threesome, namely big brother Andrew Wilson. In response to an interviewer telling Andrew "I didn't know that you exist" he replied "Perhaps you missed my turn as a gay cop in 'The Big Bounce' (2004)?"

Well, he will be up on the big screen in super lady Drew Barrymore's directorial debut "Whip it" later this fall and turning things on fire with that million dollar smile.

Because the sweet breeze of Brazil lives in your smile, we haven't seen a better Sebastien Tellier impersonation ever and in a dream once we were holding hands for a really long time, and upon waking up it felt like love.
Happy, Beautiful Couples Day!

New York Times Vows in the Sunday Style section is one of our favorites among happy love stories. In the beginning of August they reported on a man with Tourette's and a messy girl making each other very happy. As we are having happy couples day today on the blog we would like to share a part of their story, starting with Anne and Michael moving into the same apartment building in Albany.

Within the week, he locked himself out of his apartment, and because she was the only person he knew in the building, he knocked on the door of her second-floor apartment. She used a credit card to jimmy his door open. “She’s hot, my dog likes her and she picked my lock,” he thought. “That’s pretty cool.”

Less than a month after he moved into the building, they were sitting on her couch. “I like this girl,” he remembered thinking. And then he told her. “I have this condition,” he said, explaining his Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder that was first diagnosed when he was 9. “I hadn’t really noticed anything — so clearly it wasn’t that big of a deal,” Ms. Miller said. “To me it was, ‘Who is this person?' I had a huge crush on this guy with beautiful blue eyes.”


“She’s the messiest person I’ve ever met in life,” Mr. Davoli said of the woman who never closes the kitchen cabinets and loses her keys regularly. “I have to pick up after her.” But he also has obsessive-compulsive disorder, a common condition for those with Tourette’s, leading to excessive tidiness. “If I didn’t have to pick up her stuff, I’d still have the O.C.D. compulsion and I would end up reorganizing the kitchen cupboard. Her being messy is helpful, in a way, for preserving my sanity.”

Mr. Davoli, who sleeps with his back to Ms. Miller to avoid kicking and bruising her during the night, has only one wish for their future. “I would love to fall asleep with her in my arms, just once,” he said.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Because you look even better in your new haircut and we love that you can take a boy out of the lower east side, but you can't take the lower east side out of the boy.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Very good looking bands no. 1 - SOFT

Johnny, Sam, Dino, Chris and Vincent are a pretty handsome crowd. We know music is supposed to be appreciated through the ears and not the eyes, but somehow this Oasis-sounding quintet come off even better visually.

Here's to good looks, intelligence and a brilliant sense of humor. Demetri Martin blows our minds.

"I use this product called 'I can't believe it's not butter'
but sometimes when I'm having toast I like to be incredulous.

- How was breakfast?
- Just, unbelievable!
Fooled again! It even tells me how to feel.

Sometimes I mix 'I can't believe it's not butter' with butter to make 'I can believe some of it is butter'.

I was in a restaurant once and the waitress said,
Do you want butter with that?
I said, I don't know what to believe any more."

"The best thing about being dumb is that it makes magic a lot better."
Even hot guys need to cool down once in a while. To report a leaking fire hydrant, please call 311.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dude, you have the most amazing smile and you're doing your master's at Columbia. Us girls don't ask for more than lips and brains, you know. Hit us up, James Franco.

Take us in your arms, Jason Segel. Hollywood hasn't looked this good or been as entertaining in ages. We love you, man.
RIP - "The Russian" Callahan

Feb 22nd or 23rd, Brooklyn 2009

"Yesterday we went to Union Pool. Dance and Pabst and a Russian who thought I was "beautiful".

As the were closing, we wanted to go to an after party and Ellen spotted this guy wearing a fur hat and said 'He looks like he is having a party'. Then you came up to me as I was dancing and we started talking at the same time. Yes, you were having an party. And yes, you only wanted beautiful people like me there. I took your number but somehow didn't save it in the phone, although I did manage to save your address.

March 7th, 2009

"I met 'The Russsian' today again. Thomas. I find him extremely attractive. I just want to do him. I need too. Our paths will cross again. He said 'Are you Jewish?' I said 'No, I'm Swedish. But at least they both end with an ish.' He is hot."

Postcard sent from Stockholm, March 18th, 2009

"Dear Thomas,
Stockholm is a fair city without any of the excitement, dirt and passion New York serves up so gallantly. I remember your address, although you still have not lived up to your after party invitations. I also remeber you being a very handsome and attractive gentleman. Look forward to seeing you soon.
Love, xxxx"

June 14th, Brooklyn 2009

"I long for days of less intensity, alcohol and dancing. The big thing that has happen since last time though is what I've been waiting for - namely that I should meet the Russian.
Rightly so, on Friday when Ann and I are walking towards Enid's a man is coming towards us and at first I think he is drunk because he is staring a me. Then he goes like 'You don't recognize me?' and I'm like 'Yeah, it's you!'. You take me to the side and we exchange numbers for real. Apparently, he broke his collarbone after the last time we met. We're talking and he goes 'I'm not supposed to say this but you are giving me a hard on right now'. (I love that stuff!) We make out then and there and it is maybe 9 pm."

I end up spending the night at your place (an interior writer would probably describe it as noveau American, combining classic style with things found on the street). The apartment is beautiful, we have the same shower curtain. You smell great. I don't sleep at all. In the morning we drink som apple-beet juice that you made yourself. As I leave, I say "See you later" and actually believe it.

Then I send you an anonymous letter of admiration, but you should know it's from me because it contains cinnamon gum and condoms. When I text you, you do not reply leading up to "Sorry dude. I don't play hard to get. What part of 'a Swedish girl with no patience wants you to do her' don't you get? I thought you were intelligent, Thomas".

Message sent on July 12th, 2009

"So, this is the last medium I'll use to get to you before I'll reclaim my pride. I've tried to be patient but haven't seen you around and not being used to the universe not working in my favor, I turn to facebook. I don't have a huge crush on you and I do not suffer from a obsessive-compulsive-whatever disorder BUT you are just so damn attractive and you give me goosebumps and I would like to spend more time with you. I am most certain it would be fun.
xoxo "

July 20-something, The Hamptons, 2009

"The Russian biked past me on Bedford as I was walking to work Thursday. I waved first and he waved back. Then I started to laugh and smiled a bit embarssed but still amused by it all and he made something of a smirk. It feels good to know that he is alive, even if he apparently isn't into me. It is quite possible that I wouldn't have cared if he had kept in touch, but there is something about the way we have met and the turquoise shorts he was wearing that makes me believe that we would be a good team."

I text you a bunch of silly stuff when I'm drunk in the category of "Seriously dude, does this happen to you a lot? Well, of course it does. I just want to be with you. Kiss you at least once more before I leave the country." And then the whole "I wanna make out with you all the time"-debacle, which makes my day, but breaks my heart since I've apparently qualified for a position where I'm the only person on earth you could not send that joke to. I take making out seriously, and you know it.

I want to send you "Live a little", but as I'm busy playing pool with two Mexicans at 5 pm I decide not to. The last thing you get is something in the style of "You should be flattered". I hope you are.

But I guess it just ain't gonna work out.

Well, there is something about you too. We're thinking of making out in the kitchen over some post-tennis beers.

First street spotting here on the blog! We met this guy at Union Pool and started chatting about beards and mustaches for charity. Shaun did not know how those things work, and neither do we.
Movie tip no. 2 - Paper Heart

A movie dedicated to a non-believer's search of love, with Michael Cera, a really awesome lady - Charlyne Yi (with the half-full love glass) and Jake M. Johnson (pictured above and who we really wanna make out with). Then add to that divorce lawyers, scientist, romantic novelist, some amazing couples and a dream team of wise kids. WE LOVE IT. This mockumentary has us laughing out loud and one of the best lyrics of the year in " got such long arms, so why don't you use them, and hold me tight".

Best quote:

Michael: "I think I'm gonna get the Mexican beach salad.
I wanna say that to the waiter.
He'll look at me and think 'Oh, this guy gets around"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Because we found the greatest love of all inside of us, and on the streets of this town. And yes, it does float.

"I've fallen in love with many cities, but only an orgasm lasting an hour could surpass the bliss of my first year in New York. Unfortunately, I decided to marry."

Truman Capote, Answered Prayers