Monday, August 31, 2009

New favorite all-round man on the blog: Jason Logan!

One of us stumble across his delightful New York Times piece on the summers smells of Manhattan with quotes like "Fancy wedding on deserted street: orange roses; unfriendly member of the wedding party would not tell me which variety". Or describing the fragrance itinerary of East Harlem as following;
Buffalo-chicken nuggets; cigarettes; exhaust; cherry lip gloss; rotting tangerine; strong floor polish; dry grass; almond perfume; grapefruit rind; gas; diapers (unused); pink roses and Russian sage (very faint); white-Cheddar popcorn (very strong); touch of urine; black locust blossoms; leafy bark; aftershave; fresh laundry, blossoms and grassy perfume; wet cigar; rancid apricot; Polish, Italian and German sausages cooking in water, deep-fried Oreos.
Our curiosity barometer almost exploded when we with our Mossad like skills for hunting down make out-able men found out his most recent publication is called If We Ever Break Up, This is My Book. BEST TITLE EVER. And of course he is handsome!

This writer and illustrator seems to be a connoisseur of heartbreaks, fine aromas and a most talented user of pens.

Images below are from the book the publisher calls "Because although it may feel like the end, breaking up is only the beginning." Jason, we would never break up with you.