Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Because out there on the waves you seem charismatic, agreeable and adaptable and you can adapt to just about any social situation, convincing others you are just like them. And with your flexibility, liberal attitude and lack of prejudice, you can find something interesting in just about anyone. But when your interest wanes, you depart; you cannot tolerate boredom. As an Explorer you like knowledge, adventure and the pleasures of the senses, and you are drawn to those who are enthusiastic, curious, creative and energetic-people like yourself. Sex is important to you, too. As a Negotiator, you have a big heart; you are flexible and sensitive to the feelings of others and you are driven to seek harmony in your social life. So you avoid conflict, as well as people who compete with you. You also avoid those who structure your time and block things from happening spontaneously. And you can feel pressured by other's needs. So you are attracted to individuals who share your "live and let live" attitude. Money is secondary to you, so you also respect individuals who can part with theirs, particularly when spending leads to adventure or improves the world. And you are drawn to people who are direct, decisive and tough minded to balance out your flexible, spontaneous, intuitive style.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Because it seems you just sat down in a photo booth to relax after a long lunch of cheese and wine, or maybe moules marinière, and while the busy streets of Paris roam about outside, the single lock of curl in your forehead makes the whispery sound of a flat b.
Because you are so very attractive, simply by being incredibly light-blue, laid-back, having kind eyes, bony fingers, dimples and the best seven letters in the world printed over your chest.
Because we love men, and when they don't respond to our telecom-based text messages, we send them poems via regular mail instead. And because we believe that the digital world sometime lack the mental clarity and pureness of heart that comes with analog communication.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Because your hair would make any black stallion jealous and a galactic shaman is borrowing our apartment, which makes your t-shirt and our pleasant cosmic energy a match made in the outer stratosphere.
Because you look classy in a reversed sports cap, seem to know how to drop a beat and certainly possess a few Justin-moves. And although Mr. Timberlake isn't one of our favourites, he does speak to our hearts;
"I wanna be your sky,
so blue and high,
and every time you think of me,
I wanna blow your mind",
or an even more striking all-round philosophy;
"I just want to enjoy my life and show this world how to care".

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Because spring sunshine is followed by summer sun and swimming. And because standing on that yatch makes you look like a modern day Baron, similar to our new discovery Edward Bulwer-Lytton. First Baron Lytton, who not only coined the utterly romantic opening line; "It was a dark and stormy night" but also wrote the one-and-only manual to success; "Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm... it is the genius of sincerity, and truth accomplishes no victories without it."
In fact, it comes to this: nobody is capable of really thinking about anyone, even in the worst calamity. For really thinking about that person every minute of the day, without letting one's thoughts be diverted by anything, by meals, by a fly that settles on one's cheek, by household duties, or by a sudden itch somewhere. But there are always flies and itches. That's why it is difficult to live.

We ususally find life pretty easy, but Albert Camus has a point in The Plague. Not that living is hard, but about brain capacity. Although certain persons tend to move into our brain, with age and by acquiring other passions, we've become better at diverting the mind towards trees, entrepreneurial dinosaurs and the importance of play. To blend out with the boy-think.
Because for some reason you makes us think of a younger, European Julian Casablancas. And after seeing Somewhere, the song I'll try anything once again reminds of us the genius of those New York boys and the simple beauty of well chosen words;

When I said; 'I can see me in your eyes',
you said; 'I can see you in my bed'.
That's not just friendship that's romance too,
you like music we can dance to.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Because, right now we are thinking about a boy to whom we have given the imaginary Native American name of Skinny Bear, who had us at "sluta larva dig" and what we really look forward to is the next time he will look into our eyes and smile.

And although we like the unity of smiles and beards and men and lips, we completely agree with Gandhi's overarching policy; "Throughout my life, all my activities have been motivated by the single objective of uniting hearts."
New man of our dreams Dallas Clayton does not only have the best first name and a boyish grace that melts our hearts. He is also a cosmic twin in the universe of optimism, very handsome, draws magically, speaks wisely, loves strangers, hangs out with kids and is the founder of A Very Awesome World (which is like this world, but even better.)

He is very much living the dream and; "If you ever have any doubts about whether or not you should do something totally new even though you have no blue print whatsoever and there is every possibility that you could fail completely, the answer is 100% YES!"

And, of course, he writes poetry;
Find something new today
to love and enjoy
like the rest of those familiar loves
that have topped your list for years.

It doesn’t have to come close
and likely it won’t
but it might
and if it did
boy, that’d sure make this a day to remember-
the day you set about
turning over rocks
and shaking the neighborhood trees
only to discover
exactly what it was
you didn’t even know you were looking for.

As if that wasn't enough, we have one of our slightly messed-up beardo favourites reading An Awesome Book aloud for our loving ears.
Because all kisses ought to be beautiful and spiritual, and because We feel fine.
Because we've realised that the great thing about being single is that you are allowed to be in love with several people at the same time. And because ivory skin and curly locks of gold makes us happier than three bears.
March 9th
21:26 - Hej, hej jag mår fint. Är du fortfarande hångelsugen?

March 10th
18:42 - Ja jag e lite sugen.

19:34 - Åh! Det verkar vara ett klokt beslut eftersom du har funderat i ett par timmar.

19:40 - Jag var inte sugen när messet kom.

19:54 - Skönt att du kommit på bättre tankar. Ska du inte komma över dåra?

20:09 - Nja, du får komma hit istället.

20:33 - "If a man speaks his mind in a forest, and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Because while we are wondering what course in rudeness and mis-communication the majority of boys in Stockholm have taken, there are still some breathtakingly beautiful man's men out there to keep our spirits up.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Talking about Al Pacino, De Niro confirms our notion that, above all, confidence is essential when you are up for tough competition. “Al, over the years we’ve taken roles from one another. People have tried to compare us to one another, to pit us against each one another and to tear us apart personally. I’ve never seen the comparison frankly. I’m clearly much taller, more the leading-man type. Honestly, you just may be the finest actor of our generation – with the possible exception of me.”
Because the feet take a person to where one's heart is. And our feet like walking in the direction of straight jaw lines and green eyes.
We did a very simple, five-minute personality test, and although we all seem to be very different, there are only four classic categories behaviouralists divide us into. Pretty much, people who ask who? what? how? or why? Not suprsingly, we were deemed enthusiastic, but sometimes overwhelming, inventive but a dreamer, and unrealistic. (They made a point of that your biggest strength is also your biggest weakness.) Which is why we got the suggested solution to hang out more with people on the go, take a few risks, put up concrete goals and learn to concentrate, with only occasional lapses into the romantic.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Because it makes us extremely happy that people who search for "snake men great seducers, french boys, hairy boys, HOME IMPROVEMENT BABES, greek god photo shoots, hot american men, newest tom seleck photos, beard long hair lover, men and animals, Well, first of all, you must realize that I worship you," end up right here.
Because bearded, fearless men remind us of one of our current favorite topics - Death. We are fascinated by this since it is the one subject that truly emphasizes the wonders of being alive and the mystery of what, if anything, lies ahead. Deepak Chopra writes in Life After Death;
After death we gradually stop being local. We see ourselves as we really are from the soul's perspective: everywhere at once. This adjustment is probably the biggest obstacle any of us will encounter in the astral planes. Right now you are the center of the universe because infinity extends in all directions, yet someone on the other side of the world is also at the center of the universe, because infinity extends on all sides of him, too. If both of you are centers of the universe, you must both be at the same location. The fact that you appear to be in different places is a sensory artefact. It's based on sights and sounds, which are local events. You are not a local event.
No,we're probably not. But we still love boys, or as Chopra puts it;
... souls aren't drifting through the astral atmosphere but are directed by love itself. Love is a vibration, older than humanity itself. But the principle of directedness is very human: we go where our deepest desires take us.

Because we would like to see some evolution of the kind where people start spending more same space-same time together, instead of exercising their fingers on smart phones or staring at an utterly non-arousing facebook page.
Because, according to marketers, it is never the best product that wins, but the most attractive offer. This explains why we have some work to do when it comes to promoting our services.

Looking at it from the other side, we are always open for proposals that include spring, biking, dark, wavy hair and Italian shoes.