Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Because bearded, fearless men remind us of one of our current favorite topics - Death. We are fascinated by this since it is the one subject that truly emphasizes the wonders of being alive and the mystery of what, if anything, lies ahead. Deepak Chopra writes in Life After Death;
After death we gradually stop being local. We see ourselves as we really are from the soul's perspective: everywhere at once. This adjustment is probably the biggest obstacle any of us will encounter in the astral planes. Right now you are the center of the universe because infinity extends in all directions, yet someone on the other side of the world is also at the center of the universe, because infinity extends on all sides of him, too. If both of you are centers of the universe, you must both be at the same location. The fact that you appear to be in different places is a sensory artefact. It's based on sights and sounds, which are local events. You are not a local event.
No,we're probably not. But we still love boys, or as Chopra puts it;
... souls aren't drifting through the astral atmosphere but are directed by love itself. Love is a vibration, older than humanity itself. But the principle of directedness is very human: we go where our deepest desires take us.