Friday, November 25, 2011

Because we should never underestimate the influence the Ocean has on our future plans. And because we've been in love one hundred and fifty times or more, but meeting you made us realize we'd never been in love before.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Because the reason cigarettes look so sexy and seductive in photos and film is because we can't smell or taste it. Or in the words of our western Yogi Richard Hittleman;
"Since we all know very well that smoking holds no value for the human organism, that is, the body certainy does not require nicotine and tar for its well-being, we can classify the habit as largely a nervous one. /.../ Coal tar and nicotine taste good after heavy, rich, devitalized, acid-forming foods. But cigarettes will hold little attraction following a meal that has been composed largey of life-force food."
And because you are still pretty handsome for someone being prone to nervous habits and a devitalized diet.
Because men who attempted to climb Mount Everest in 1924 apparently knew how to do so in style. Especially, top level far right and bottom row second from left.

And because it is much easier to remember that the world's highest mountain is nearly 9 kilometers high, rather than 8850 meters (2 meters more than first thought).
Because you are the person you take the time to become, and what most people seem to miss is that time is the only common nominator among us. And because you seem to know how to spend it, loosing yourself in a beautiful moment.
For the phrase; "... this love doesn't fear neither hate nor rage, it does not hide unarmed at home, but runs the streets and opens all closed doors."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Because you are obviously a cool guy and because personal integrity requires rebellion at some point. And because right moral over rules stupid laws, although society is (in general) sane and rational. We also picked-up that parrots are the only other species besides humans who enjoy moving rythmically to music and are able to speak, even if former Chairman of the Nobel Committee Prof. Wigzell did not go into the details of the neuro similarities that would explain this behaviour.
Because, wow. Because few things are as gorgeous as lusterous curls. Because your talent emerges out of working with other talented individuals. And because people talk about wanting a piece of the cake, failing to see that the cake is all over the place. And it seems like you see the importance in understanding what is going on, that the only two things you need to change the world is imagination and a smart phone, and in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
One of the more amusing incidents of this summer was when our leopard jumpsuit was out in the Brooklyn night. A guy at Daddy's comes up and says he has made a bet with his friends and wonders if we could change clothes. It sounded like fun and we go into the bathroom together where an exchange of jeans, t-shirt and a significantly more festive outfit is made. As we return, half the establishment is wondering what the hell just happend. The guy, Matt from Pennsylvania, has The Time of His Life and his friends are most impressed. After a while it becomes rather boring to stand around in a pair of Levi's while someone else is living it up with the leopard, so we go back the restroom. Undressing once more he then says, "I can't believe we haven't made out yet." We were very tempted to say that "That's our line", but sometimes words are unnecessary.
Because even if the image is blurry, your charm shines through. And at a lecture on Delivering Happiness we learnt that this wonderful feeling residing in our bodies comes from perceived control and perceived progress, connectedness, core values, a vision and a higher purpose.
Although clearly beautiful, we are slightly sceptical to the choice of sweater. Maybe you made a minor error in the closet, or as our old American man of choice, Russ Ackoff, would say:
One never learns from doing things right because, obviously, one already knows how to do it. What one derives from doing something right is confirmation of what one already knows. This has value, but it is not learning. One can only learn from mistakes, by identifying and correcting them. But all through school and in most places of employment we are taught that making mistakes is a bad thing. Therefore, we try to hide or deny those we make. To the extent we succeed, we preclude learning. Furthermore, there are two types of mistakes: errors of commission, doing something we should not have done; and errors of omission, not doing something we should have done.
Needless to say, a theory much applicable to the field of romance too.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Because classic beauty and beards always makes us happy. And because we could re-name this blog to I wanna make out with you (yes, you) all the time. And because substantial matters of the heart bring out the poets in us.

Oh hey, hi, it's me again,

just calling to see if things have changed in the land of men.

What have you been up to? How do you do?
Do you ever think about me, the way I do of you?

Meaning: do I appear at night when it is time for bed?
Do I greet you in the morning when natives of dreams from daylight have fled?

If all minds are connected, and they surely are,
we've already been travelling together wide and far.

I especially like when you go off exploring Paris on your own,
the strangeness of Kansas City or your gigabit excitement in the Tokyo hi-tech zone.

I hope you enjoy the smell of autumn in Stockholm town,
on adventures in my pocket as the coloured leaves fall down.

I want your inner world, I want your soul,
I want your arms, your heart, your age as it turns old.

But the future comes but a day at the time,
every hour sweeter, minutes are sublime
bringing me closer to an era when you'll be mine.

Because, like a Hugo Boss fragrance ad, "we don't expect sucess, we prepare for it". And whatever troubles may be on pretty Bo's mind, he ought to know that there is nothing left to worry about.

Because "again, all that one can hope for is an open market. Boredom has always played more of a role in human history than we are prepared to admit. And we should never underrate the boredom induced by empty ideas pretentiously paraded". Jerome Bruner wrote those wise words, very applicable to people who, much like ourselves, are in love with love. However, we do experience a conflict between empty ideas vs. gut feeling (there is no doubt in our mind where you belong). But, point taken.