Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Because we are sure you made that smokey-dijon-honey-chipotle bbq marinade with your own hands, that you went surfing today, have a dog, a sports car and that the Bud is cold as ice. And because this is what we envision when we dream of American men.
Because it looks like you are in a Havana prison and we are always in the mood for cheering up hairy men with white teeth. Although, this might go against our new favorite t-shirt print;
"Make someone happy. Mind your own business."

När jag var ung
var det ännu attraktivt att
inte vilja ha någon annan
så mycket
Nu när jag är äldre
är det gudskelov tvärtom
att den som verkligen förmår att älska
också är den som blir det.

Tror jag.

Bob Hansson - Här är vi, 2004
More proof that a beard makes men look even better. And because the Phil Collin's album No Jacket Required has a delightful selection of titles such as - Long Long Way To Go, Don't Loose My Number, Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore and Take Me Home.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because when changing trains we got a pamphlet from some Latter Day Saint-type with the title AIDS and the BLOOD. In it you could read some very riveting information;
If you get AIDS, death is sure. [Compared to our otherwise eternal lives.] However, there is something at work in your body right now that is deadlier than AIDS. The Bible calls it SIN -- and it is in your blood.

Yes, we can feel it pumping in our veins and boy, do we love it!
NOTE TO SELF; Last night we made out with one of the guys featured on the blog. We congratulate ourselves, almost a year into the project, for achieving such ground breaking progress.

Naturally we wanted more, so as the taxi pulled over outside our house we suggested that he and his luscious lips join us upstairs.
"I have to work tomorrow."
Fair enough at 4 am on a Wednesday night, but how about going back to your place then?
"I have to beat you at tennis first", he said.

Strangest thing we have ever heard and, seriously, that's not gonna happen.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well, let's see. Maybe because you look like a cowboy outlaw with a heart made of cotton candy. Or because we just read about the myth of rich, liberal states and poor, conservatives states.

In fact, if only the richest Americans would vote, the Democrats would win no more than four states; Massachusetts, New York, Conneticut and California. Whereas if only the poorest Americans would vote, the Republicans would win merely two states; Idaho and Wyoming.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Because from now on, a double rainbow will be synonymous with joy beyond words. And a double set of dark hair and shirts in the color of the sky isn't anything to complain about either.

Because Rockaway beach got closed down today due to sharks in the water, and we see tendencies of the turn-of-the-century male fashion being challenged by the more casual tropical look. Although we love beards, nothing beats the cocktail lounge feeling of hawaiian shirts, a moustache and tanned legs. Or maybe it is simply the overwhelming feeling of summer that is getting to us.
Because being Scandinavian is a priceless asset in the dungeons of America. And although our male counterparts seem to offer a sense of humor, calm and stable lives, spiced with creativity and a contemporary view on equality, we still haven't satisfied our apetite for Yankees and simply keep dreams of a Danish husband floating in the distant future.
i awoke from my blackout and found your card in my back pocket.

- - - - -

Hey Christian,

How are you? I got the impression that you might be running low on your Life is wonderful-energy. Then again, you were probably just bullshitting me.

Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for being so good looking.

bullshitting? hmmmm. im still alive so who can say. energies do move around though.
thank you.
- - - - -


Our favorite drinking buddy later reprimanded us for sending a Bee Gee's song to someone slightly suicidal, saying "That's horrible." But we just love Texans and would do anything to cheer them up.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We don't know if it is the slightly rolled up sleeves, the tanned arms, the beautiful jawline, the dark curls or the wonderful hair piece, all your hot friends in the background, the California sunshine, or the way you seem so at ease with life, but dude, you are gorgeous.
These boys are certainly a sure sign of a good time, which also happen to be the message plastered across New York City subways promoting light beer. Not seeing the point over exposure to Bud Light, our friend, the culture and media expert, laid it down for us; "Well, it's summer you know. People don't want to be fat. They wanna drink beer."
The Atlantic has a wonderful advice columm called What's Your Problem? In the July/August issue Jeffrey Goldberg gives a wonderfully clear headed view on the holy matrimony;

Why are women still more interested in marriage than men are, even after reality checks like Tiger Woods and Jesse James? (note: for those unfamiliar with US celebrity gossip, Mr, James is Sandra Bullocks cheating husband)
E.M., Bayonne, N.J.

Dear E.M.,
Because most men are not named after carnivorous jungle cats or homocidal bank robbers. This gives women a false sense of security. /.../ To your larger question, many women remain interested in marriage because they are under the impression that it guarantees them a patient, sensitive and emotionally available conversation partner for life.

We'd say marriage is great for accquiring cooler last names, fancy jewellery, tax benefits, having a big party and look forward to calling someone "Our Husband".
Because nobody is better at living life than you are. And we just realized that it is not realistic to be realistic. The universe simply knows so much more than you do, and by thinking you've taking everything into account is simply foolish.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh boy, do we love the Americans! Once again are we in our prime element, and filling up the lungs with the oxygen of life.
If people call us Sweet in Sweden, our newly required nicknames are Crazy and Trouble.
- I can tell that you are trouble.
- No, I'm not. I'm a ray of sunlight.

Then again, it is the whole issue of values, where the Yankees have a peculiar tendency to put money and work before friends, family and lovers. And from that point of view, being exposed to unconditional love, however briefly, might be very troublesome for, say, future existence.

What can we say, besides throwing around some wise quotes;
"You can either be miserable or happy. The work is the same, the choice is yours."
Because pretty boys who wear cardigans and make music, only strengthen our belief that all we need in life is a dancing partner.