Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Atlantic has a wonderful advice columm called What's Your Problem? In the July/August issue Jeffrey Goldberg gives a wonderfully clear headed view on the holy matrimony;

Why are women still more interested in marriage than men are, even after reality checks like Tiger Woods and Jesse James? (note: for those unfamiliar with US celebrity gossip, Mr, James is Sandra Bullocks cheating husband)
E.M., Bayonne, N.J.

Dear E.M.,
Because most men are not named after carnivorous jungle cats or homocidal bank robbers. This gives women a false sense of security. /.../ To your larger question, many women remain interested in marriage because they are under the impression that it guarantees them a patient, sensitive and emotionally available conversation partner for life.

We'd say marriage is great for accquiring cooler last names, fancy jewellery, tax benefits, having a big party and look forward to calling someone "Our Husband".