Monday, May 30, 2011

Because you look like you've been busy sailing the seven seas, acquiring a huge pile of stories and kindness that you only share with people who you actually find worthy of your attention. And who enjoy salty air, grilled sea bass and star gazing the way you do.
Because the outdoor swimming season has started, making our hearts very light and draws an significant amount of attention away from boys to physical pleasures of sportier character. Or that's not completely true. We simply enjoy the semi-dressed company of boys who prefer to start off their days with a few turqoise laps even more.
Because our boss say wonderful things like; "My bullshit flows more freely in the afternoon" and has a desk decorated with signs such as; "Things are getting worse, send more chocolate". And we love that, nearly as much as we would like to hang out and bs with bad boy teenager Woody Harrelson.