Sunday, November 20, 2011

One of the more amusing incidents of this summer was when our leopard jumpsuit was out in the Brooklyn night. A guy at Daddy's comes up and says he has made a bet with his friends and wonders if we could change clothes. It sounded like fun and we go into the bathroom together where an exchange of jeans, t-shirt and a significantly more festive outfit is made. As we return, half the establishment is wondering what the hell just happend. The guy, Matt from Pennsylvania, has The Time of His Life and his friends are most impressed. After a while it becomes rather boring to stand around in a pair of Levi's while someone else is living it up with the leopard, so we go back the restroom. Undressing once more he then says, "I can't believe we haven't made out yet." We were very tempted to say that "That's our line", but sometimes words are unnecessary.