Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New York Times Vows in the Sunday Style section is one of our favorites among happy love stories. In the beginning of August they reported on a man with Tourette's and a messy girl making each other very happy. As we are having happy couples day today on the blog we would like to share a part of their story, starting with Anne and Michael moving into the same apartment building in Albany.

Within the week, he locked himself out of his apartment, and because she was the only person he knew in the building, he knocked on the door of her second-floor apartment. She used a credit card to jimmy his door open. “She’s hot, my dog likes her and she picked my lock,” he thought. “That’s pretty cool.”

Less than a month after he moved into the building, they were sitting on her couch. “I like this girl,” he remembered thinking. And then he told her. “I have this condition,” he said, explaining his Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder that was first diagnosed when he was 9. “I hadn’t really noticed anything — so clearly it wasn’t that big of a deal,” Ms. Miller said. “To me it was, ‘Who is this person?' I had a huge crush on this guy with beautiful blue eyes.”


“She’s the messiest person I’ve ever met in life,” Mr. Davoli said of the woman who never closes the kitchen cabinets and loses her keys regularly. “I have to pick up after her.” But he also has obsessive-compulsive disorder, a common condition for those with Tourette’s, leading to excessive tidiness. “If I didn’t have to pick up her stuff, I’d still have the O.C.D. compulsion and I would end up reorganizing the kitchen cupboard. Her being messy is helpful, in a way, for preserving my sanity.”

Mr. Davoli, who sleeps with his back to Ms. Miller to avoid kicking and bruising her during the night, has only one wish for their future. “I would love to fall asleep with her in my arms, just once,” he said.