Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the latest L Magazine, The Fiction Issue, Kaui Hart Hemmings has written one of the best and most amusing short stories we've read. Repossesion Man splendidly captures the thoughts on lost innocence and lack of romance. Since our aim is to provide porn for romantics, an excerpt is most suitable for this inauguration post.
"Perhaps it is natural and lovely: first sex, sex at sixteen. But then it stops. As a high school senior he had the audacity to ask Katie Birch for a blowjob. In college, girls said things like "harder" or worse, "I'm coming!" as if he were a departing bus. Some asked to be slapped. One asked him to put his penis (cock, she called it) in her ass! Margaret Waters of all people! When they were children she had told him to put his ear to the ground and listen for the sounds of hell and now she was asking for a cock in her ass. The women became like men in their desire."
Kaui Hart Hemmings, from her forthcoming story collection How To Party With An Infant, which is also the name of her blog.