Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Although we know that the only happiness money can buy is plane tickets to New York City and at previously mentioned destination is where we find our favourite dudes, recently, at another location, we've met a guy who is just completely wrong for us.

He does not have a beard, you could call him a brat, he likes trance, everything with an engine, especially boats, has never lived abroad and has no interest in doing so, works in finance, doesn't even recycle beer cans, talks constantly, describe every person he knows as "such a wonderful person" (which gets annoying after a while), thinks he knows how everything works and has set aside Monday and/or Tuesday night for "caring". As in caring for his shoes, his hair, his home, etc. Everything besides ironing shirts. That's done every morning.

But we appreciate the straight forward approach, receiving text messages that start with "Hey babe" and, most importantly, we get to make out all the time.