Friday, December 25, 2009

Another Christmas reading from The Economist, concering on of our more intagible great loves; United States of America.

In America, people with unusual hobbies are generally left alone. And power is so devolved that you can more or less choose which rules you want to live under. If you like low taxes and death penalty, try Texas. For good public schools and subsidiesed cycle paths, try Portland, Oregon.

The article further discuss;
...that countries and regions and cities are engaged in a global battle for talent. The most creative people can live more or less where they want. They tend to pick places that offer not only material comfort but also the stimulation of being surrounded by other creative types. This make life more fun. It also fosters technological progress. When clever people cluster, they can bounce ideas off eachother. This is why rents are so high in Manhattan.
Yes, sir. But there are plenty of free drinks, too.
Not to mention all those intellectual New York men.