Friday, December 25, 2009

After developing a record setting 5-6 intermediate crushes the last two weeks before Christmas, a few Stockholm boys are present in our imagination, where we are playing with the thought that they were celebrating Christmas with us.

One would charm grandma completely with his eloquence and tall, blond appearance. Another would be cuddled up, reading next to us in her turqoise leather sofas and join us for a Florida vintage shopping spree at the Goodwill stores. One would curse the capitalist ways as we drive along the Tamiami, and we would engage in delightful arguments over the Turkey.
The fourth would, au contraire, praise the entrepreneurial spirit, but besides that we're not sure what he would be up to. Another would most likely enjoy everything, but a highlight might be lying close together on a blanket on the beach.

Yes, yes, we know the difference between dream and reality. But to quote The Economist's end-of-year-issue further and The Idea of Progress; "Everytime someone tells you to "be realistic" they are asking you to compromise your ideals."

And that's something we try to avoid to the greatest extent.