Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another favorite from Craig's List. Someone who quite clearly disagrees with Goethe's saying that "a master first shows himself in self-limitation". Then again, if you know what you're looking for you might as well just spell it out.
Are you the one? (East Harlem)

You have the most beautiful smile... your shyness makes you lift your hand to your face. You wake me up with a kiss and we make love. You think I'm addicted to coffee. You love my hands; hold them all the time. you always play with my hair. You look great in dark colors. Especially blue and Black. you very intelligent. and passionate about what you do ..and when something happens or that your excited about you ramble like a mad man .. you love listening to me. You love rainy days as much as I do.. like to stand out and smell the rain. You like to play music and grabbing me to dance with you. You love being comfortable in your jeans and t-shirt.. just watching a movie or some type of documentary ..which I might find extremely boring. We kiss all the time.. you’re so passionate. You like to make love in the most unusual places.. you love the fact that I have no problem with that. You snore... but i like it. You motivate me to be a better person.. you inspire me to be creative. You are not afraid to cry. You love my friends. they love you too. We enjoy Sat morning cartoons and cereal. Your always teaching me something new. You calm me when I’m angry ..we can never stay mad at each other for too long. You have a job you love doing. You wake me up early because you think we should go somewhere.. I love that your spontaneous. You drive me crazy when you leave the paper everywhere. You have the most dreamy eyes.. and you moan when we kiss deeply. You love to travel. You always remember the important dates. You like to stay in shape.. which inspires me to do the same. You like my cooking. You like watching "heroes" with me. You are always cuddling with me. You’re not a quitter. You were not afraid to tell me you had fallen in love with me very early after we met. I love your mouth. Your hard working.. serious ..determined. Don't believe in bullshitting. Your goofy and your sense of humor is as twisted as mine. You call me up to say I love you when I least expect it. You love Italian food! You sing at me even though it's so painful..loll I love the way you smell. You love watching live concerts at the park. Your nice sexy womanly voice drives me nuts. You like that I’m black, you think it’s hot.
In case you were wondering...
I recycle
I put the toilet seat down...
I am from Africa
I Got a fun job
I like movies
I love to cook
I am compassionate
my friends love me
I speak more than one language
I travelled to every continent on the planet except Antarctica
I love to explore
I am very rarely sick
I love meeting people
I am not afraid to commit
I am very organized
I love making lists
I am generous
I am not racially prejudiced
I eat spicy food
I love beaches and mountain
I try to save the planet every day
I take a shower every day, even twice a day
I never beat a women
I don't snore (much)
I will always answer honestly, if you ask me
I have no drama
I will laugh at every joke, even when it is not funny
I eat vegetarian
I don't litter
I look both ways before I cross the street
I wash my hands when I get home
It gets better every time
I am handsome, and funny
I like laughing about myself
I stop and ask for directions
I try not to pick my nose or butt in public
I like Frank Zappa
I can stay up all night and talk about Life, the Universe and Everything
I believe in honesty and trust
I know you’re out there... I know you have felt the same. I have been thinking of you ..missing you..wanting you. Please find me...

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