Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We no longer live in Sweden, but in a country of heavy clouds and a constant gray light for a few hours a day until it turns dark again. In the past two weeks we can only remember the sun shining for nearly an hour last Thursday. When that big burning star is out you just have to drop what ever you are doing, run outside and try to get at least one single ray of sunlight into your heart.

Swedish Radio reported yesterday, that so far, the month of November, in total, has only delighted us with 11,2 hours of sun light. The standard amount is usually somewhere around 30h at this time of the month. But things aren’t as bad as in 1993, back then the sun only shone for 2,9 hours for the entire 30 days of November.

This has nothing to do with the film making boys above, but might explain why the picture is a bit cloudy.