Saturday, November 14, 2009

For quite some time, New York magazine has been posting very entertaining sex diaries, where urbanites share some facts of life. Our favorite contributor has to be The Ex-Banker Living on Alcohol, Hook-ups, and Unemployment. Here's nearly 24 hours of that special kind of romance we are most fond of;
1 p.m. Wake up. I think I brought someone home though not really sure because he’s not here. I almost want to ask my doorman if I came home alone last night, but I make the executive decision not to.

8 p.m. Dinner with one of my old men. I am currently dating a few to finance my Manhattan meal plan. I promised myself the liquid diet, but not when you are having a free fabulous dinner at Del Posto. After dinner, mumble an excuse about not feeling well.

1 a.m. With friends at Marquee, where I catch the eye of a handsome boy in an Hermès tie and immediately start eye-B.J.-ing him. He is a 28-year-old M.D. who graduated from Yale. He buys me SoCo-lime shots and I tell him that 28 years old is too young to be an M.D. He responds that he’s just that good.

4 a.m. He asks me to come back to his place and I’m skeptical, but he says he lives on Park Avenue with his older brothers. He has me at “Park Avenue.”

5:30 a.m. Sitting in his penthouse apartment, he opens a bottle of Dom and we watch South Park—that should have been the first sign. We pass out in his room. I think we hook up.

8 a.m. He freaks out and asks me to leave. When I get home, I look him up on Facebook and see that he graduated HIGH SCHOOL in 2009. He is 17 YEARS OLD and it was his parents’ penthouse.