Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dec 2nd 2008, Oh my God! I mean, it is Jan 2nd 2009.

A guy called me today but I just said 'Hallå', then he said 'Hello' and then I said 'Hello?' and the call was canceled. Or I am assuming that he hung up. I hope it is the bearded guy Bill that I met at Union Pool on the year's last day. He was tall and very attractive with nice brown eyes and a real skepparkrans as a beard.

I started talking to his friend Will, who later introduced me to Bill. Their real name is actually William, but somewhere along the line they separately took a different road and turning into the sweeter, shy Will (a librarian at Parson’s school of design) and the more straight forward, charming Bill, who put his arm around me every time he came by and whispered ‘Fuck you’ in my ear, which at the time seem totally normal and I just whispered back. Being såhär efterklok, I realize that I should of course have said ‘Fuck me’ instead of just repeating the ‘Fuck you’.

I got my sweetness though when he was about to leave and came to say goodbye, and I was like ‘What, are you leaving? I thought we were gonna make out?’ He replied, most encouragingly, ‘Make out? Why?’ But before I even finished the sentence ‘Why? Well, that sort of answers the question” he grabs me and gives me a long, intense kiss that really takes me by surprise, which is rather weird under the circumstances of me actually getting what I just asked for.