Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RIP - He looks like a younger, nerdier Fares Fares

Stockholm, October 2009

We meet by coincidence a few weeks back at Riche.
Hadn't really thought about you at all and we smile at each other.
You're standing so close that I can feel your perfume stick to my clothes.

- So, have you acquired any gentleman-y skills since last time?
- No.

You ask what's going on in my life, what I'm doing tonight and tell me about your professional racquet ball career and a part time job as an accountant. We talk about ping pong and how much fun we had last time. We are clearly flirting with each other.

- Do you have a boyfriend?
- No. Do you have a girlfriend?
- No. (Pause.) Well, it's complicated. We are on a break.
- Aha, the famous 'break'. You know, I don't mind because it's not like I am gonna fall in love with you. I only want to sleep with you anyway.
- Really?
- Yeah, you can call me tomorrow, next week or the week after that. (We haven't learned to master the art of playing hard to get yet, and in this town we are happy with whatever is up for grabs.)
- I really appreciate the honesty, you say and laugh. Then you look up my number in your phone and I do the same, although I can't find you.
- I think I deleted it after last time.
You seem very surprised and suddenly you are a bit reluctant in giving it to me.
- Because of my whole girlfriend situation. You know it might not be so good if you text me.
- Well, at least I need to have it so I can see who's calling.

I get you number, we talk some more and then you are heading home.

Nina and I go to Spyan and as I am dancing I notice there aren't so many attractive guys and I have a distinct feeling that you wanted to go home with me tonight. But I am also just enjoying the prospect of our affiliation. So, I send a message saying;
"Hej och ursäkta för att jag kontaktar dig så sent. Vill bara upplysa om att firman snarast och oftast är i behov av dina administrativa tjänter. Mvh Xxxx AB"

You reply something like;
"Haha, I'm at Spy bar and I just saw you. That was a funny text but it's not working, I'm in love with my girlfriend."

At this point I ask myself why you just didn't come up and said 'Hi' or why you two hours ago said you did not have a romantic companion. But instead of being equally rude, I write back that "That's really wonderful and in that case I think you should be an ambassador for those couples how are actually in love. I just wanted to make out with you anyway."

I am having so much fun that when Nina leaves I decide to stay by myself at Spy bar. That in itself is an indication that you really should go home.

The next day around lunch I receive a text from you that might just be the most peculiar/appalling/funny thing we've ever received in an inbox;

"Hej Xxxx, jag har som sagt tjej. Bad dig å inte skicka sms ändå har du skickat. Radera mitt nummer är du snäll. Mvh Xxxx"