Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We had just concluded that with a running nose and in a fever haze, our appearence was far from million dollar bucks, and closer too being classified as an account overdraft. Som ett brev från inkasso, we thought. Looking like a debt collection notice. And that's when we saw him, walking down the street in the clear afternoon light. His features are flawless. He must be painted by Leonardo da Vinci, and the perfect pencil strokes are framed by a beard in deep mahogny. It is, as if he is the only thing in focus, and the rest of us live in a low resolution you tube-landscape. He walks like a self-assured character from a Hjalmar Söderberg novel. The eternal soul of his belongs to a tiger. Not suprisingly, the man's mythological namesake was the son of Anchises and Afrodite.

Of course, we couldn't help but smile. To walk with the Gods, or to see them once in a while on Earth is truly a bliss.