Sunday, March 28, 2010

It is wonderful to once again dream of forests filled with wild animals instead of google docs.

During our siesta yesterday, we had relocated to a South African farm with a man who found us, completely lost, crying in the woods and whos arms felt like the missing puzzle piece that made life complete. We have never felt a more sublime feeling, wild horses were running across the hills and nothing else mattered.

Tonight, slightly less magical, we dreamt that a guy we think we like, but who never replies to text messages, had a big argument with his girlfirend at the table next to our family's at a luxury hotel in Tokyo. He stood up at looked us in the eye and said, very intoxicated, "Ah, you! I didn't mention my girlfirend because I wasn't sure about what was going on, but now it's over. And I guess you understand by now why I haven't called you."

Maybe it is a disturbing sign that life is more exciting when you are asleep. But as long as some hours of the day is filled with adventure, we're happy.