Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweden is probably the only country where returning citizens are greeted at the baggage claim by a huge sign saying;
"Welcome home! Long to get away already?"

Instead, an extraordinary alien suggested; "Welcome home to the Swedish men! Who aren't afraid to call themselves feminists and are secure enough in the manliness to be openly vain, likes long walks, outdoor activities and knows that smoking weed every day will eventually make you plain stupid."

Nah, we know that Swedish men are beautiful, kind and decent, but they are also terrified of opening up their hearts and sometime too equal to even approach a woman. And the desire to have a little pretty wife and watch flat screen TV's until they die of boredom or while renovating the kitchen for the third time, does not rhyme well with our philosophy.

Let us instead quote a loud American male sitting behind us on the airport train; "If I'm gonna be with someone, I want it to be spectacular."