Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Because Brazilians will always be the lovers of the world. And, "living successfully in a world of complex systems means expanding not only time horizons and though horizons; above all, it means expanding the horizons of caring", to quote, what is bound to be our new bible, Thinking in Systems. It is by our new favourite woman, Dana Meadows, who also writes:

Don't Erode the Goal of Goodness
And so expectations are lowered. The gap between desired behaviour and actual behaviour narrows. Fewer actions are taken to affirm and instill ideals. The public discourse is full of cynism. Public leaders are visibly, unrepentantly amoral or immoral and are not held account. Idealism is ridiculed. Statements of moral belief are suspect. It is much easier to talk about hate in public than to talk about love.