Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Because one of our many good ideas is Google Sex, a search engine function that filters out all the porn and instead focus on the educative, healthy and pleasurable sides of love making. Although we do like the versatile spelling of e-mails saying: "Find sexual partners o-nline! Ho-o-kup fo-r sex no-w!". We sent this suggestion to the Googleplex a few months ago, and seeing no signs of a Thank you-note or the actual service we doubt they saw the value in it. Another idea is something we like to called Monki fiction, where we suggested that the fashion brand make their customer magazine somewhat more worthy of a read by including shorter stories on e.g. romantic topics. We attached a story with the title “Listen to the sea lions” but have had no sign of interests from these editors either. We do love the whole concept of feedback, like if we feel that you are one of the kindest, most decent, softest and sexy moustached man we’ve come across, with a great attitude and an excellent lover, we would want you to know it.