Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Because the warm sunshine feels sweeter with you. And because one of our latest insights is this that things very seldom work at the first try. Once you realize that, you are less disturbed when things don’t go your way at once. They so rarely do. We have also experience a ridiculous amounts of failures, declines and the like this spring, which we like to see more as a sign of multifold activity from our side, than that we should be inadequate as human beings. Of course, the universe is guiding us in the right way, and these things were simply not meant to be, regardless of how hard we tried. There are other missions in our destiny that would be distorted by becoming a California start-up community manager, attending Singularity university, winning the green card lottery, etc. In a way, we might be this sunny sided simply because we are such good friends with failure and always see it as an opportunity for learning something new or taking another direction. Like our poetic interpretation of keeping to the right in the escalator: Active or still, but always forward.