Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This weekend we were introduced to the concept of serendipping. It basically means that you are actively strolling around anticipating serendipity to strike, and our favourite past time just got a name of its own.

The main forum for missed connections (although you did run in to that awesome person) haven't impressed us with it's romance lately, but sheer hipster rationality seems to be a successful way of finding a springtime bike rider.

you know who you are... bc you were lookin at me on the l-train this morning. I was lookin back.... I wished you wouldve said something, but that's what cl is for, right?

you: tight jeans, custom cons, thin, full brown sexy beard, art history glasses, tight green vest, a pantera hat, with bjorn and john blasting out of your iPod.

me: cute, pale, black hair, bangs, short skirt, hoodie with thundercats patch, small ankle tattoo, thin lips, green eyes, cute.

if it was you, let me know your five favorite animal collective songs and about your best evan williams experience and we'll take it to verb for some tea.

or, if it's sorta like you and you may be interested, why not send a pic and who knows, right? is spring, time to ride bikes and go to roof parties.


Agreed. We are always on the look out for that "sorta like you".