Monday, December 12, 2011

* Three Months Later *

You are an engineering nerd, and I assume you work all the time

Yet your handsome stature, your boyish charm, is surely worth the climb

The reason I behave as I know you, is because I see

So much of me in you, or so much of you in me

That shadow of a smile, waiting to burst into laughter

Unruly curls, as extensions of thoughts of similar character

A sense of humor, unintentionally entertaining, not really witty

Sparkling eyes, striving still to replaced judgement with curiosity

Communicative, attemptingly pedagogical, we try to make sense
With a contagious enthusiasm, luring people to our side of the lens

Yes, intelligent eyes, the mirrors of a soul and widely seeing

Injecting in its spectator a sense of confidence, calm and well-being

Rich in knowledge, accumulating wisdom. Hard to impress

But lightly amused. Difficult to catch, but easy to undress

Likeable, from the relaxed way in which we move around the world
experiencing life on a different level, another spin, a smoother swirl

Learning from mistakes, and not really knowing what to believe
being happy for each day of health, and the developments we achieve

Yet, my heart beats louder than yours, words flow freely in abundance
A longer way for you to go, tracing unknown paths of emotional distance.