Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Because we love men and animals, men with animals, or simply all species. And at the library today we found a book that had us hooked in the preface, where the author, within the space of three pages, explain interspecie communication as well as offer a constructive take on how Swedes might view our new, undesired political situation with a xenophobic party entering the parliament;

I used to raise chickens and ducks for food. After a couple of years, a pack of coyotes discovered the easy meals, and I began to lose birds. I scared the coyotes away when I happened to be home, but I knew I could not forever stand guard. One day, when I saw a coyote stalking chickens I asked it to stop. I did this more out of frustration than conviction.
The odd thing was, the coyote did stop, and neither it nor other pack members returned.


As Franz Kafka put it, you may not destroy someone's world unless you are prepared to offer a better one. But no redemption can be found in avoidance of difficult issues. Redemption comes only after we have moved through the horrors of our present situation to the better world that lies beyond it. By confronting the problemas courageously as we can and at the same time presentling alternatives, our barriers to clarity, including our false hopes, may crumble to reveal previously unseen possibilities.

Excerpt from Derrick Jensen's A Language Older Than Words, 2004.